Costume Jewelry Care Guide

Keep Your Jewelry Dry ♥

Keeping your jewelry dry is a great way to keep your jewelry tarnish free. It’s best practice to keep your jewelry away from water, soaps, lotion, perfume, and jewelry cleaners, and other harsh chemicals. Follow the tips below to keep your pieces looking their best!

• Don’t wash dishes or do laundry with your jewelry on
• Don’t wear your jewelry to the pool or spa
• Don’t use jewelry cleaner
• Don’t apply lotion or perfume with your jewelry on

Last On, First Off ♥

Your jewelry should be the last thing you put on when getting dressed and the first thing you take off while getting undressed. Following this simple rule could prolong the life of both your jewelry and your clothing!

• Avoids snags on clothing
• Avoids pulling and tugging on jewelry
• Avoids getting hairspray, perfumes, and lotions on your jewelry

Bonus Tip! Always remember to remove your jewelry during activities like:

• Hiking
• Going to the Gym
• Gardening, etc.

Proper Jewelry Storage ♥

Keep Your Jewelry Secure
Keep your jewelry secure by storing it in a jewelry box or other secure container that will prevent your pieces from moving around. This will prevent your jewelry from getting scratches and dings which will prolong the life of the finish.

Use Anti-tarnish Paper
When storing your fashion jewelry in its secure location, try wrapping each piece individually in anti-tarnish paper. If you don’t have any anti-tarnish paper you can use an eyeglass cloth as a substitute.

Avoid Exposure to Air
The air around us is what makes metals tarnish. We recommend using a Ziploc or sandwich baggie with the air squeezed out to prevent oxidization. You can couple this method with anti-tarnish cloths to really keep your pieces looking their best.

Cleaning Tips ♥

Fashion jewelry is fun, unique, and a great way to revamp your outfit. You have a piece of fashion jewelry you love, but you wear it every day and now it is a bit grungy. To keep your jewelry fabulous and fresh, we have created this very comprehensive guide to cleaning your costume/fashion jewelry.

Be sure to remove dirt, oils, and general pollutants before starting the deep cleaning process. Taking a moment to preform this step will yield better, more even cleaning results. While it’s best practice to keep your pieces dry you can use a little soap and water on a soft toothbrush (as mentioned in the steps below) to clean out gunk and grime from the crevices of your jewelry. Never allow the water to “sit” or dry on your jewelry.

For deep cleaning:
1. Add a small amount of dish detergent to a soft-bristled toothbrush (Alternately, you can use baking soda instead of soap)
2. Run water over the toothbrush to dampen it
3. Very gently scrub away any smudges or grime
4. Wipe away remaining soap and dirt with a cloth dipped in plain water
5. Lay the jewelry flat to finish dry